Writing in Alignment

6 Weeks, Online

This powerful Writing Class is designed to move your writing forward, deeply, powerfully, and much faster than would be doable alone!

Each week, we write together for one hour, on Fridays from 12-1 EST, using a POWERFUL meditative audio track that gets us out of our own way! The audio track helps to quiet the super-egoic, hyper-judgemental portion of the mind so you can simply RECEIVE the words that desire to come.

THEN, we meet once a week for professional feedback and coaching from yours truly.

Move your writing forward, deeply, quickly, and faster than you could alone!




January 5th 2023
Thursdays 12:00 - 2:00 pm Pacific Time

Both classes silently write together: Sunday at 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST

$475 for the 6-week online class

Venmo to hold your spot: @katietherubin

Email with questions here: klrubin@gmail.com

What are people saying?

Working with Katie has been really enlightening. Katie has the gift of being able to see exactly what you need and of being able to give you the exact feedback you need, quite directly. She does so without judgment but with a pure candor that gives you the truth that others are not able or are not willing to give you.

 We first met when I took an acting class with her at ACT. I instantly recognized her as an incredible teacher. She has an amazing ability to create a space where you can be vulnerable. She kinda sees through you, to who you are, and is able to recognize issues that prevent you from being you.

 After being in Katie's classes I have realized especially in creation and performance there is a lot of the self that interferes with the creative process. Katie not only helped me realize the problem plaguing my process but also structured exercises and approaches to help me break through those walls. She is also just an amazing and hilarious individual and is a pleasure to be around.

Honestly, I say do whatever you can to take a class with Katie because it will move you, develop you, inspire you and make you think differently.

- Oleg Trofimov, Actor/Engineer


Two years ago, when I was writing and preparing to perform my first solo show, I hired Katie both as my acting coach and as the director of the show. In the process, she not only helped me find my way as a performer—pushing me well out my comfort zone and helping me overcome old habits that were impeding my presence on stage—she also kicked my butt as a writer. I thought I had a good handle on what the show needed, but she identified the narrative flaws in the story and in several scenes and pushed and pushed until the script was truly functioning. That show turned out to be a major creative breakthrough for me. I continue to work with Katie, because I love how much she pushes me to be more courageous and honest both on stage and as a writer. She's the person I turn to whenever I want to take my artistic work to another level.

- Lynea Diaz-Hagan


Katie - you are so awesome to work with! Here's what I would say about you to other people: Katie gets to know you, and gains a really good understanding of where you are at in your specific, personal, creative process. She is able to push you in an encouraging and artistic ways that I would never predict, always keeping me on my toes, inspired, and engaged. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher to anyone!

- Mei-Li Restani


Thank you for your feedback in class last night. Your feedback has a way of being very practical and useful because it is specific, while at the same time giving me great insight because you also manage to relay a bigger picture back to me and my work. I really appreciate you as a teacher, Katie.

- Wera Von Wulfen


I wanted to to write and thank you for the healing class the other night. It was miraculous and amazing. I got complete healing and I just wanted to let you know that my pain level has gone way way way down. That's really encouraging to me!!!! Thank you for your time that you spent working with me and all of the rest of the women that were there. It was absolutely mind blowing!!! I also completely broke through the victim mentality that I had held onto. I gained so much from that one night. I am filled with so much gratitude!!

-Amy Clover


Hi Katie, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your class and all the deep discussions we have! That being said, I need to miss class today as I need to study for an exam I have tomorrow. My partner is aware so no worries there. I'm actually really bummed that I have to miss your class as it literally is the highlight of every Monday. Looking forward to the next one.

-Catherine Sheu