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Healing Sessions and Packages


For more information about Katie's training as a healer and records reader, please scroll up to the "Healing Sessions" section.

In a Psychic or Channeled Akashic Reading with Katie, you may arrive to the call with as many questions as you would like to ask the Beings of Light in the realm of Consciousness called "The Akasha." The more specific your questions are, the better.

Katie will then open her awareness into the Akashic Records beyond them, into the realm of The All That Is, listen to your questions, and respond with the guidance she receives from The Divine Itself, Your Higher Self, The Akashic Beings of Light or whatever aspects of the Divine desire to speak or contribute in the moment.

Again, the more specific your questions are, the better.

Please be aware that often, when you ask questions of The Divine through Katie in these sessions, energetic healing will offer to take place. That is to say that often times, during a reading, you will receive energetic healing work as well. For this reason, readings and healings are priced at the same rate, so you may choose either one upon check out.

If you are curious about this work and have further questions, please click the "Contact" button above and Katie will respond to your questions within 24 hours.


5 Weeks to CHANGE your LIFE

In this Mid-Level to Advanced Energy Healing Class, each week,

I channel a Divine Light,
The Frequency of Conscious Awareness,
and whichever frequencies from whichever Star Nation or Nations are most useful for the sake of your Healing,
Spiritual Activation, integration and wholeness.

This class is for Light Workers, Light Beings, and/or Star Seeds who are ready to activate their Light Body, Awaken more fully to The Light, and become an embodiment of your Divinity and Conscious Truth.


Classes begin October 19, 2023
6 Weeks, Thursdays 3:00 pm pacific - 5:00pm Pacific

Online via Zoom
2 Hours Each Class for 5 Weeks

$475 @katietherubin on Venmo to hold your spot




Activate your Light Body, heal your trauma, and Integrate a deep understanding of how your (very unique to you) body/mind is meant to function.

In this five week course, we will explore the basics of human design each week, while also activating our spiritual alignment and healing trauma from the past using Divine Light Transmission.

Throughout the course, we will learn general human design topics each week, and we will look at individual charts that belong to folks in class to answer questions in real time about how the entire Human Design system works.

Armed with the knowledge of how your Design functions correctly, we will then use Divine Light Transmission to integrate, clear, heal and process your emotional trauma, physical pain, past lives, karma and other off-body energies interfering with your highest and best wellness, wholeness and health.

Beginning March 8. 2023
Weekly on Wednesdays
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

March 8, 2023
March 15, 2023
March 22, 2023
March 29, 2023
April 5, 2023


Email with questions here:




THE SPIRITUAL HEALING 3-Month One on One Deep Dive 

In this 3 Month Deep Dive with Master Healer, Katie Rubin, you will:

Tackle your deepest held resistances, blocks and limitations
Get very clear on your patterns, and get busy changing them with the Help of Katie and The Divine

Get to know your Spiritual Self and Practices Intimately

Receive Spiritually Centered Guidance, Direction and Healing Tailored Specifically to YOU and your Human Design Chart

Learn about the best way for YOU to function correctly as yourself

Heal Eons of Trauma and Both This Life and Past Life Injuries and Limitations

Clear and Release Eons of Karma

In this 3 Month Masterclass/Deep Dive, each week, you will meet once with the entire group, and once with Katie, privately.  During the group class, we will begin with a group Healing through the Akashic Records, followed by individual questions from you for YOUR Guides, Record Keepers and Spirit Team.

Next, you will meet privately for 50 minutes with Katie once each week to deepen your Healing work on the topic or topics you're honing in on in class.

This MasterClass is for people who are serious about their Spiritual Journey, their Emotional Integration Work, and who are willing to do the work it takes to become Whole, Light, and Spiritually Aligned.