Katie as a Healer

Master Healer and Akashic Records Reader Katie Rubin spent 4 years at The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism releasing her own trauma, opening her Spiritual Channel, and developing her Healing Skills and Psychic Abilities.  

She has since attended two other four-year-long Energy Healing Institutions including Lisa Barnett's Advanced Akashic Records Reading Training.  Katie now uses the panoply of Divine Light Healing skills she's gained to serve her private and group healing clients, as she is directed to do so by the client's system, and The Divine itself.

Central to a private or group session with Katie is the opening of The Akashic Records.  Through The Records, Katie transmits The Christ Light, Star Being Light (Pleadian, Lyran, Sirian, Arcturian, etc.), and Direct Source Energy, each of which create profound Healing, Integration and Spiritual Activation for her clients.  

Additionally, from the Realm of The Akasha, she receives very clear guidance and direction for her clients on any topic at all, including but not limited to:  past lives, trauma, karma, highest and best choices for your future in any area of life as encouraged by your team of Record Keepers, Angels, and Guides.

Katie as a Writing Coach

Katie has an MFA and a BA in Acting from UC Davis and Amherst College.  Her first solo work, “Insides OUT!” received a nine week Equity run at The Sacramento Theater Company in March, 2006, and then toured nationally to over 100 venues for 8 years.  Since then, she has created 4 more solo pieces, 3 of which were commissioned by Capital Stage in 2010, 2014 and 2018 respectively, and each of which have received repeated Equity Productions at various professional theaters.  Her 6th solo piece is currently on contract to be written for a production with Capital Stage in July of 2018.  She also tours her Stand Up Comedy to Comedy Clubs, Theaters and Events around the world. She has written 3 hours of Stand Up, a screenplay, a TV pilot, 3 full-length plays on commission, and has taught 10 rounds of "Tell Your Story." Her writing students are authors, playwrights, solo show performers, comics, sketch writers, bloggers, and screenwriters.  See the Classes page for more information and to sign up for one of Katie's classes. Katie has also played leading roles in more than 20 professional regional theatrical productions.  

For more details on any of the above, please feel free to contact Katie.

Katie as a Speaker/Performer

In her nationally touring Comedic Healing Events known to her audiences as “Everything All At Once, an Irreverent Healing Event” Katie speaks deeply and intimately on the topics of trauma healing, spirituality, consciousness, personal purpose, the small-s self, The Big-S Self, God, Unity, and Oneness all while delivering wildly inappropriate jokes, singing apropos-to-the-moment songs, and sharing true stories from her life.  Her talks (or shows) are Raw, Real, Hilarious and Game-Changing for her audiences.  Blending question and answer style group processing with comedic storytelling, Katie’s events will bring you clarity, awakening, awareness, laughter, joy and quite possibly some tears.  So bring your tissues and your sense of humor, cuz it’s bound to be a wild ride, indeed.