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Healing Sessions and Packages


For more information about Katie's training as a healer and records reader, please scroll up to the "Healing Sessions" section.

In a Psychic or Channeled Akashic Reading with Katie, you may arrive to the call with as many questions as you would like to ask the Beings of Light in the realm of Consciousness called "The Akasha." The more specific your questions are, the better.

Katie will then open her awareness into the Akashic Records beyond them, into the realm of The All That Is, listen to your questions, and respond with the guidance she receives from The Divine Itself, Your Higher Self, The Akashic Beings of Light or whatever aspects of the Divine desire to speak or contribute in the moment.

Again, the more specific your questions are, the better.

Please be aware that often, when you ask questions of The Divine through Katie in these sessions, energetic healing will offer to take place. That is to say that often times, during a reading, you will receive energetic healing work as well. For this reason, readings and healings are priced at the same rate, so you may choose either one upon check out.

If you are curious about this work and have further questions, please click the "Contact" button above and Katie will respond to your questions within 24 hours.



Star Beings Class where each week a different Star Nation comes through to transmit powerful frequencies, healings, transmissions and activations.

They surprise us every time. We never know who will show up and there is never a dull moment in this radical Healing Process.

Join us for the fun, the depth diving, and the massive amounts of expansion, and the mysterious unfolding of The Who-knows-what-this-week-will-bring-ness of it all!

December 20
4-6 pm Pacific, 5-7 pm Mountain, 7-9 pm Eastern

Online via Zoom
2 Hours Each Class for 7 Weeks

$475 for the 7 Week Class



Every Trauma is Healable.
Every Pain from the Past can be transmuted, uplifted, lightened, and/or removed from the system.
Every truth can be seen.
Every Tear in the Fabric of Your Being can be Mended

For me, all of this happens in Communion with The Divine, Through the Akashic Records.

In this 7 week, online Healing Group, we will meet on Sundays from 3-5pm.

We will begin with a Channeled Group Healing and Downloaded Guidance Session.

After that, I will take your individual questions and requests for healing.

During your individual time, you can ask for guidance and direction from The Highest Realms of YOUR Akashic Records
For healing on ANY ISSUE at ALL.

All Answers are In The Records.
All Healing Is Possible Through The Divine.

This Work is real, deep, fast and often intense. It is best suited for those who are open to and who get Energy Work, for those who are looking to move through their stuff more quickly than therapy can sometimes allow, and for those who understand that The Divine is the Source of all true change, healing and transformation.

10-12 pm Pacific, 1-3 pm Eastern


HIGHEST LEVEL HEALING - Using 12 Steps as a Spiritual Foundation

This time with a 12 Step Twist.

We will gather for TWELVE DAMN WEEKS.
Each week, you'll have homework on one of the 12 steps.

The 12 Steps can be used to disentangle you from ANYTHING or ANYONE you're addicted to, obsessed with, upset about, not over, not done with.

They are essentially a very powerful spiritual tool and system of teachings.
And, as always, we will start each class with a STRONG HEALING.
Often times, this time around, Straight from THE CHRIST LIGHT.
So, come for The Christ Light!
Come for the awakening and awareness created by the Steps (they're not just for addicts)!
Come for the Healing!
Come for the Camaraderie and fellowship with others on the path!


NOTE: This course runs inconsistently.  New dates coming soon!



There is a profound and important lie at the heart of a lot of spiritual teaching in our world right now. That lie says: There is one right way to know the Divine. And I/we have the answer for YOU! "Do what we do!" say the folks who claim to know, and you'll be just fine! 

After spending 7 years in deep practice of Kundalini Yoga, 4 years at a Sufi Healing School, 5 years religiously practicing Transcendental Meditation, 4 years using and teaching the tools of Access Consciousness and now 3 years working in the Akashic Records, I know ONE THING FOR SURE:
Your path to knowing the divine, getting clear guidance from it, and feeling light free and happy is UNIQUE to YOU.

On day 1 of this 6 week class (2 hours each week), we will:

  • Begin with a group healing and spiritual teaching for the entire class from the Akashic Records (through me)

  • Open each student's records in class, one at a time, and discover YOUR UNIQUE way of connecting with the Divine, getting guidance, and knowing yourself more deeply.

  • Have a fun freaking time doing so.

During our remaining 5 classes together, we will:

  • Clear/Heal all of the blocks and limitations of mind, body, spirit YOU have to connecting with and knowing the Divine AS IT EXISTS FOR YOU.

  • Get all of your questions answered about YOUR UNIQUE spiritual path directly from Source, itself.

  • Have a fun freaking time doing so.

$475 for the 6-week class.  This class happens quarterly. 
This course runs inconsistently.  New dates coming soon!




The Akashic Records are Super High Vibrational Realm of God or Source-Consciousness wherein the History of Every Detail for Every Individual Soul is Recorded, Kept, and Catalogued. 

I find the Akashic Records to be an incredibly light, bright, powerful space from which to make my life choices. I find the energy in The Akashic Records to be potent, healing, loving, and activating. I spend time there each day so as to increase my abundance, happiness, joy-quotient, alignment and health. And The Records do JUST THAT. Every day.

From The Akashic Records, depending on your innate gifts, you can:

  • Bring Healing Through for yourself and your clients
  • See the past, present, and probable future
  • See which choices will create the greatest outcome for you with regard to relationships, large purchases, timelines, deadlines, friendships, injuries, illnesses, jobs, careers, cities to live in, etc. 
  • Explore literally any topic

    This may be for you if you:

    • have an affinity for energy work, psychic reading work, divine light transmission, past lives, karma, healing work and you desire to raise your vibration, see the past present and probable future more clearly...

    • are a coach, healer, or therapist looking to add a multi-dimensional element to your work with your clients...

    • are curious about and would like to learn to Read and Experience The Akashic Records...

    • already read the records and would like to delve more deeply, learn more, explore with a new teacher, experience more direct light transmission, learn more healing and divining tools...

    Learn to Read The Akashic Records
    Level 2



    In this 3 Month Deep Dive with Master Healer, Katie Rubin, you will:

    Tackle your deepest held resistances, blocks and limitations
    Get very clear on your patterns, and get busy changing them with the Help of Katie and The Divine
    Get to know your Spiritual Self and Practices Intimately
    Receive Spiritually Centered Guidance, Direction and Healing Tailored Specifically to YOU and your Human Design Chart
    Learn about the best way for YOU to function correctly as yourself
    Heal Eons of Trauma and Both This Life and Past Life Injuries and Limitations
    Clear and Release Eons of Karma

    In this 3 Month Masterclass/Deep Dive, each week, you will meet once with the entire group, and once with Katie, privately.  During the group class, we will begin with a group Healing through the Akashic Records, followed by individual questions from you for YOUR Guides, Record Keepers and Spirit Team.

    Next, you will meet privately for 50 minutes with Katie once each week to deepen your Healing work on the topic or topics you're honing in on in class.

    This MasterClass is for people who are serious about their Spiritual Journey, their Emotional Integration Work, and who are willing to do the work it takes to become Whole, Light, and Spiritually Aligned.