All The Answers Episode 31: Fan Fair

Cassidy comes in a little, bleh, and he and Katie talk about the distinction between what your mind knows and what your eyes will do to try to convince you of your preconceived narrative. Then Cassidy, Katie, and Des get the boost they need from their first fan guest. Margaret wrote in to say hi and ask some questions of the Akashic Records, so we decided to bring her voice all the way from Australia and do it “live”. As she is our first special guest we did not censure her praise one syllable, we are humans with feelings and needs. Since this recording, Margaret has become host of All The Answers facebook community and is posting about All The Episodes, past and present. Do yourself a favor and head over and meet like minded listeners and share your thoughts and feelings about these great conversations. 

FB/IG/T @allanswerspod or write directly to and maybe Katie will answer your question through the Akashic Records. 

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