to Clear Trauma And become the Light

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Use this powerful Healing Kit to transmute all your trauma, and stuck energy from your past into Light, Wholeness, and Integration.

In the Channeled Healing Video that comes with this kit, I teach you how to

A. Find the stuck energy of all of your trauma

B. Feel into it,

C. Integrate and/or release it, and to then become free of it with the help of my powerful Divine Light transmission

Understanding your trauma through therapy and process work is hugely helpful and important.  Releasing it through crying and talking about it can help a TON.  And.  When those tools don't get you ALL the way there, it is often time to apply a NEW tool to your process.  That's where Divine Light Energy Work comes in.  Receive it, and be relieved by it!  Additionally, use the organic, hand-picked herbs in our tea to ground as you work, your palo santo to clear the space for your work, and our powerful healing roll-on to help you integrate after your Healing Session.

This powerful Energy Healing Session, when used, repeatedly over time, will heal everything that ails you from the past!