All The Answers Episode 49: Ancestors

No live guests, but Katie brings plenty of company. Past guests ask Katie to channel those that have passed. Does this mean they are enlightened and ascended, eh, maybe? 

Sometimes one person's direct question can lead to divine wisdom for us all. 

Safiya Fredericks - Ep. 46, Badd Jazz - Asks friend, KBB Taliba Dylan for some practical auditioning/acting advice and the relationships that come with the biz. 

Blossom Benedict - Long Time Listener First Time Caller - Wants to ask her father, Robert Thomas Benedict about Psychedelics in the 60’s, his trouble with alcoholism, his late love for Jesus, and what brought our souls together.

James Albert Brown - Ep. 34, Demon Breath - Asks Grandfather Albert Augustus Hutton if the Brown family got screwed out of the Hilton empire and if there are any good stories about the Browns cross Atlantic voyage.

Engineer Desmond wants to talk to Poppa Des, aka, Jerry Gene McNeese about his satisfaction with his passing, where to spread his ashes, what to do with an overabundance of Dads artwork, and what advice he has for parenting the next generation. 

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