All The Answers Episode 201: Seductive Urination

2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Respect (Cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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In this enlightening episode of All The Answers, Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown take a deep dive into the realms of spiritual guides and international pop phenomena. Katie connects with the Akashic Records to explore the profound questions posed by listeners. First, they delve into the spiritual significance of a listener's dream encounters with Anpu, a deity from the Kemetic tradition. Katie reveals the ancestral connections and the importance of honoring such a guide through creating a dedicated altar and tapping into its energetic frequency.

Next, the spotlight turns to the global sensation BTS. Katie accesses the records to uncover the dual purpose of this beloved K-pop group. Beyond the joy and unity they bring to fans worldwide, BTS's journey hints at the complexities of fame and the lessons of projection for their audience. Katie and Cassidy unpack the nuances of purpose, light, and darkness in the lives of those in the limelight.

Join Katie and Cassidy as they navigate these intriguing spiritual inquiries, reminding us of the balance between the individual and the universal, and the continuous dance of light and shadow in our lives.

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(00:00) Welcome to that spiritual, actual, factual answers to questions you ask
(01:06) You are a licensed staging assistant and certified
(01:38) M. M. staged a mansion in a gated community
(04:13) I worked with you all day Tuesday on a furniture rental project
(07:58) Catalyst converter thieves interrupted your sleep with a loud noise early one morning
(11:55) Luckily my car was parked deeper in my own driveway
(14:26) Is there anything else? Like what else do you have to report? Any other updates
(14:41) You said something cool to me yesterday about I wonder if you'd share the thing about choosing
(16:14) So this brings up a fun thing, which is most people make the relationship capital
(20:10) You have to choose your partner every day, right? Yeah. Yeah. Well, if you're gonna choose commitment, you're choosing your partner
(22:25) Compersion is being happy for someone else's happiness
(26:33) The relationship is not threatened. It is the form of their relationship
(32:20) Eric says he has weak boundaries with his girlfriend regarding intimacy
(37:08) Everything you've said totally makes sense. What I was hearing at first is that behavior is disrespectful
(41:17) Under it is this heartbreak about what humanity is not willing to look at
(42:00) I think when we unconsciously are inconsiderate of how things land for people
(46:06) M.: Communication is key. Oh, communication. Yeah. You, uh, guys upped your communication game. So I think we're
(47:22) Rami says spring smells so good out here in Pennsylvania
(48:45) Rami: I've been thinking about trauma healing through Jewish culture
(53:33) Ruben: It's unconscious behavior that leads to disrespect
(56:50) All of us get to have our own boundaries. We all. Right. Well, this would be really picky language thing
(59:27) There's the relative and there's the universal. That brings me to something I want the listener to understand
(01:01:25) M. asks about spiritual guides in dreams and visions
(01:07:26) Anubis was a God who ushered souls into the afterlife
(01:08:49) You, uh, got energy for one more question? Yeah. Great. Start with getting into Margaret, and then. Let me tap into her
(01:09:10) Could you share what BTS' purpose is and how they've managed popularity
(01:13:11) Desmond McCutts: Do they have a designed purpose

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