All The Answers Episode 198: birds, Birds, BIRDS

In this soulful and introspective episode of All The Answers, Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown take listeners on a journey through the labyrinth of presence, embodiment, and the profound shifts brought on by cosmic events. Katie shares her transformative experience during the solar eclipse, a moment that brought her face-to-face with deep-seated emotions and the opportunity for significant healing. As the eclipse squeezed the sky, it also squeezed out the darkness within, leaving Katie with a newfound lightness and clarity.

Cassidy, on the other hand, reflects on the eclipse's impact on his life, navigating the waves of change in a pivotal relationship. He explores the concept of being present in the moment, the struggle of making decisions during a retrograde, and the balance between understanding and feeling. The duo discusses the challenges of staying embodied, especially when life's trials tempt us to retreat into the safety of our minds.

Together, they delve into the importance of not just naming our issues but feeling them, the interplay between celestial events and personal growth, and the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. This episode is a testament to the idea that sometimes, the most profound answers come not from seeking but from experiencing.

Join Katie and Cassidy as they embrace the ebbs and flows of their emotional journeys, reminding us that while the answers may not always be clear, the path to discovering them is rich with transformation and insight.

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