All The Answers Episode 195. The Obscene and Absurd

Featuring Rev. Rachel Harrison

In this soul-stirring episode of All The Answers, Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown reunite with a blast from the past, Rev. Rachel Harrison, who brings her journey of spiritual awakening and soul recovery to the forefront. As they traverse the landscape of human design, Rachel shares her transformation from a life marred by alcoholism and codependency to one of profound spiritual connection and purpose. 

Katie, with her astute grasp of human design, unveils the intricacies of Rachel's chart, revealing the channels and gates that define her unique path. They explore the channel of caring for the community, which resonates deeply with Rachel's mission to create a space of healing and support for those navigating the complexities of life. 

Cassidy, ever the beacon of light-hearted wisdom, reflects on the shared history and the serendipity of reconnection, offering his insights and warm presence. Together, they delve into the significance of cycles, the importance of self-awareness, and the power of embracing one's natural gifts.

As Rachel prepares to lead her monthly support group, she leaves us with a message of hope and curiosity for the future, embodying the very essence of the left angle cross of cycles. This episode is a testament to the journey of self-discovery, the beauty of spiritual evolution, and the unifying force of shared experiences.

Join us as we celebrate the unfolding of karmic paths, the embrace of one's true self, and the collective quest for understanding. Support the show, engage with the community, and find all the answers—or at least, all the questions worth asking.

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Special thanks to Rev. Rachel Harrison for her inspiring story and to Desmond McNeese for the seamless mixing and editing.