All The Answers Episode 136: I Psychically Know What You Desire And Correctly Articulate It Now

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Hello, podcast friends!  Some ideas to consider this week (which we discuss at length on the cast):

1.  Feeling shitty doesn’t have to define you.

2.  Communicating is HARD.   And You’re not bad if that’s your experience!

3.  Sometimes well-parented, wealthy, happy people are awesome.  That is, humility and kindness can arise from the OPPOSITE of pain and suffering.   As annoying as that may be.

Also this episode:

Katie brings some clarity to a listener over their interpretation of a recent 3 card spread AND as always makes it relevant for All of US. 

Katie introduces the Human Design notion of being a Decision Watcher rather than a Decision Maker… Chew on that!

Collectives are not always the fertilizer that grows cooperation. Sometimes they’re just the poop where you dropped your seeds.

And that, our dear listeners, is that.

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