A  HEALING SESSION to activate your Light Body  

In this 45-minute Video Healing Session, Katie will facilitate you releasing that which stands in the way of you activating your Light Body, and bringing through what you require to activate it! Benefits of Activating Your LightBody Include: Increase in Psychic and Intuitive Abilities, increase in perceptive abilities, deeper connection to your chosen spiritual path or practice, ease of communication and communion with "The Higher Realms," a sense of "Coming Home" to your Star Origins, relief and removal of trauma, heart pain, past life injuries, karma, and any other heavy energies that stand between you and your Higher Self, and greater ease with living into Spiritual Principles.

A HEALING KIT to clear Trauma

Use this powerful Healing Kit to transmute all your lower-self, low vibrational frequencies into Light! In the Channeled Healing Video that comes with this kit, I teach you how to a. find your old trauma, b. feel into it, c. integrate, release, and be free of it with the help of my powerful Divine Light transmission. Understanding your trauma through therapy is huge. Releasing it through crying and talking about it can help a TON. And. When those tools don't get you ALL the way there, it is often time to apply a NEW tool to your process. That's where Divine Light comes in. Receive it, and be relieved by it! Use the organic, hand-picked herbs in our tea to ground as you work, and our powerful healing roll-on to help you integrate after your Healing Session.

A HEALING KIT to detox your family out of your system

Have you just spent TOO much time with your fam? Sure you love them (or DO you?), but EVEN STILL there are times when it's all too much. Using the powerful tools I teach you in this video, you will be able to detach from the pain of your family members, find your center again, and align with The Divine. IF you're willing to show up for yourself! Dive in and let's enjoy, friends!

HOW TO LIVE A SPIRITUAL LIFE, Without the Dogma of Religion, a self-guided video course 

Using a combination of these powerful tools: A 4th Step from The 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery, EFT Tapping, and Divine Light Healing Work, this self-guided course will teach you how to have a Spiritual Life WITHOUT the Dogma of Religion breathing down your neck. Topics that are explored and discussed in this course include, but are not limited to: What IS a spiritual life? And how do I know I'm living one? How do I deepen my connection to Source/The Divine without feeling bad about myself? What IS The Divine, if it isn't the "God" of my childhood religion? And how can I get better at being kinder, gentler and more loving to myself and the people in my life without just pressuring myself to "do better" or "work harder"?

If you're looking for a straight, simple (but not always easy) path to a more spiritually aligned life, this course is for you. If you're looking for freedom from the bondage of your lower self, this course is for you. If you're looking to liberate yourself from your past and move forward with levity in your heart ALREADY, this course... my friend... is for you!

HOW TO CLEAR ALL TRAUMA using EFT tapping and Divine Light Energy work, a self-guided video course

Using a combination of these powerful tools: EFT Tapping, Somatic Meditation Techniques, and Divine Light Healing Work, this self-guided course will teach you how to release all of your THIS LIFE and all PAST LIFE trauma from your body.

Believe it or not, trauma lives as stored and stuck ENERGY in your BODY. If your mind spins and races all the time, that is not something you can actually fix at the level of your MIND. It needs to be healed in the BODY and HEART. That's why therapy alone can be a difficult and painfully slow healing process when you have REAL trauma in your history (this lifetime or previous ones). EFT, Somatic Awareness, and Divine Light Healing work work together to dissipate the stuck energies of your past from your present day body, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter, and more willing to proceed joyfully through your life! Let's dive in!


Do you take better care of your family and friends than you do of yourself? Do you avoid your own life problems because you're very "busy" "helping" your family, friends, partner, boss, clients, or coworkers? Do you have a hard time naming how you feel in any given moment because you're so focused on how other people feel that you don't even know anymore?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this course is for you. Using the powerful tools of: A 4th step from The 12 Steps of Alanon, combined with EFT Tapping to release trauma, anger, pain and grief, and Divine Light Transmission to heal your heart, this course will give you ALL the tools and tips you need to break free from the chains of giving yourself away for "them" whoever they are. You don't have to fully abandon your family, friends, coworkers, etc. in order to care for yourself. But you do have to step away when you need to. Which to YOU, may FEEL like you are abandoning them. This course will help you with all of that.

CLEAR ALL YOUR MONEY BLOCKS, a self-guided video course

Do you function from limiting beliefs around money? Do you believe you can only have lots of money if you work real hard to get it? Do you make money, then spend it all immediately, having no idea where it all went? Are you vague with your numbers, or unclear about how much you need each month? Do you survive financially, rather than thrive?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this course is for you! Using a combination of journaling to answer some key money-related questions, spiritual activation work, and EFT tapping, we will rid you of your lower-vibrational money beliefs and teach you how to step into your own empowerment! You deserve to be wealthy just as everyone does, and your wealth DOES NOT diminish the potential wealth of those around you. Now is YOUR time in life! Let's empower you to step into it!